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Work Experience

Youth Development Specialist

Beni Mellal, Morocco | 2018 - 2019

  • Developed the curriculum for and conducted life skills workshops on topics such as resume writing and budgeting for university students
  • Conducted computing workshops for high school students on topics such as the Microsoft Office Suite, internet privacy, and effective internet searches.
  • Provided English tutoring to high school and university students. Sessions included grammar and vocabulary review, writing and speaking practice, as well as cultural discussions
  • Facilitated extracurricular activities for young women residing in student housing

SQL Developer / Data Analyst

Detroit, MI | 2015 – 2018

  • Created dashboards and automated reports which provide data required for making effective business decisions
  • Modified report formats based on the needs of the business users
  • Wrote, tested, debugged and performance tuned SQL code for stored procedures
  • Gathered requirements and write ad hoc SQL queries to answer business questions
  • Provided reporting recommendations to business users
  • Participated in design and code reviews

Risk Project Coordinator

Detroit, MI | 2015

  • Performed risk assessments using the Factor Analysis of Information Risk methodology and issued reports which outline potential risk and provided recommendations for mitigating risk
  • Gathered external risk information to incorporate into risk assessments and reporting by monitoring news sites, government releases and industry publications
  • Created monthly reports which quantified company risk and monitored remediation plans to help inform decisions made by senior leadership
  • Monitored internal risk metrics and remediation plans and incorporated this information into risk assessments and reporting
  • Provided training for using risk monitoring software
  • Customized the risk monitoring software interface based on user and business needs

Support Analyst / Training Consultant

Detroit, MI | 2010 – 2014

  • Designed and maintained SharePoint sites to reduce the overlap of employee efforts and ensure that employees could easily access vital information
  • Customized the design of computer assessments using HTML & CSS
  • Performed trainings and developed educational materials on software usage, title insurance regulations, and internal processes for new and experienced employees
  • Insurance Pricing Project
    • Gathered feedback from software testers prior to software updates, and used responses to guide training sessions
    • Provided training on internal software updates as part of a company wide initiative to ensure that insurance premiums were accurately priced
  • Compiled data to identify strengths and weaknesses in production and collaborated with company leadership to formulate plans for improvement


Google Analytics
Microsoft Office Suite
Multidimensional Expressions (MDX)

Key -Familiar with the basics , - I've had education on this tool, - I've used this occasionally on the job, - I've used this as a regular part of my full-time job, - I've taught others how to use this tool


University of Michigan, Master of Public Policy

Oakland University, B.S. Wellness, Health Promotion; B.A. Psychology


Instructor, Sisters Code, 2017 - 2018

Oakland University Alumni Ambassador, 2015 - 2018

Tutor, Dominican Literacy Center, 2015 – 2016


English – native proficiency

Spanish – advanced proficiency

French – intermediate proficiency

Arabic – intermediate proficiency

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Ronisha is a personal trainer – turned title insurance guru -turned SQL developer. She got her first taste of tech when a friend recommended that she write programs to automatically generate reports that she was manually creating everyday.

In addition to coding, she loves exercising, traveling, reading, and trying new recipes. She recently returned from a year of public service abroad during which she mentored and tutored young women in Morocco.

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